Pair your valuable data
with a 3D digital twin

Bayce is a solution platform for digital twins. It provides added-value by integration of rich data and flexible content structures. Bayce enables a multitude of digital twin centric use-cases such as training and education, documentation and collaboration.

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  • Add rich custom spacial content

    Enrich your digital twin with your individual content. A flexible content structured allows for adaption to your use-case.

  • Guide users through vast spaces

    Make large spaces accessible by guiding users directly to individual hotspots. Information can be clustered into multiple topic areas.

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  • Explore 3D digital twins immersively in VR

    Instantly view and explore your information in a point cloud or panoramic imagery using a virtual reality headset.

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  • Visualize IoT data in its geographic context

    Get an instant overview of what’s going on in your building in real-time. Bayce positions and visualizes IoT data.

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  • Meet locally, but remote

    Meet in real time within your digital building. Start a discussion with colleagues without being physically on-site.

The Bayce platform combines

  • Quick rollout with a three step setup process
  • Scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Seamless integration of external data
  • Enterprise-grade authentication and security

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